Specialists Explain the Benefits of Crawl Space Encapsulation

Dry Tech Waterproofing Solutions is a licensed company with over 25 years of experience in drainage services and foundation repair, whose specialists know all the benefits of crawl space encapsulation.

Our team of experienced basement waterproofing specialists believes that prevention is always the best policy. This is why they recommend crawl space encapsulation. We have seen too many flooded crawl spaces and the damages they did to buildings and property. And many of them could have been prevented.

In this article, we will detail the most important benefits of crawl space encapsulation for homeowners. Please take the time to read this and remember that we are available for further explanation if you need it.

What Is a Crawl Space?

Before we start discussing the main topic, let us give a simple and clear definition of a crawl space. The crawl space is an empty space between the ground and the first floor. It is between 1 and 3 feet high, allowing a person to crawl inside it (hence its name). Almost half of existing US houses and 15% of newly built ones have it. 

The role of the crawl space is to install plumbing, wiring, HVAC ducting, and other essential but cumbersome parts of home utilities. However, the crawl space is installed not just for esthetic purposes, but also practical. Plumbers, electricians, and other maintenance specialists have quick and easy access to all the home systems for inspection or repairs.

Why Do People Encapsulate Their Crawl Space?

Crawl spaces are prone to high levels of moisture from condensation. This is why many houses have ventilated crawl spaces. In this way, excess humidity evaporates. However, vents are also entry points into your home for mold, fungi, and pests. This is why we recommend the encapsulation of a crawl space.

Now then, what is crawl space encapsulation? This process consists of covering the floor and/or the walls of the crawl space with vapor barrier. The vapor barrier will seal the vents (if they exist), junctions, and seams of the walls and floor. Once the process is completed, the crawl space will be completely protected from moisture, leaks, mold, and pests. 

Benefits of Crawl Space Encapsulation

You may wonder now: is it really worthwhile investing in the encapsulation of a crawl space? Can’t I just be careful and prevent moisture, mold and pest infestation? What you are saying is that you accept living with a potential vulnerability in your house right under your feet.

Also, by solving these issues we explained above, you enjoy many other benefits of crawl space encapsulation. 

Cleaner Air in Your Home

You may not be aware of it, but up to 50% of the air you breathe inside your home comes from the crawl space. Here is the science behind it. Most roofs and attics are properly insulated for increased safety and energy efficiency. Thus, your home will have an upward air draw coming from the crawl space.

Therefore, after performing the encapsulation of a crawl space, the air you breathe will no longer be very humid or even carrying mold spores. And cleaner air means better health conditions for you and your family.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Here is another of the important benefits of crawl space encapsulation. Since you have carefully insulated the attic, why not make sure that you don’t lose heat through the crawl space? Once we complete the job, your crawl space will be completely sealed off preventing any heat from escaping or moisture from entering.

Your Home Will Have Better Structural Integrity

Moisture and temperature variations can undermine the most solid foundation. As liquids seep into every tiny crack in the crawl space, they continuously erode it. In time, this process creates a big crack that poses a serious safety threat to the stability of the house foundation. The encapsulation of a crawl space eliminates moisture and its associated risks for the home’s foundation.

Increased Comfort in Your Home

One of the benefits of crawl space encapsulation that you will experience as soon as the job is finished is more comfort for you and your family. You will say goodbye to those cold floors, so unpleasant early in the morning when you are fresh out of your warm bed.

What Crawl Space Encapsulation Process Includes

When we talked about the basics of the encapsulation of a crawl space, you may imagine it as a simple DIY job. However, this is not the case at all. The complete process includes:

  • Flattening and smoothing the soil under the house
  • Removing all debris
  • Removing any old insulation
  • Applying treatment for mold and mildew 
  • Installing 20-mm liner on the walls and floors
  • Taping all seems
  • Installing humidifiers and drain pipe (if necessary)

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