Common Signs of Foundation Problems and How to Fix Them

The Dry Tech team understands the costly potential of foundation problems. We strive to make your foundations waterproof and able to withstand the forces of nature.

Your house is an important investment, one that should withstand the test of time. The foundation of any house is the most important in terms of its continued viability. Foundation problems can wreak havoc if left unchecked and generate a considerable repair bill. One solution to fixing foundation problems is basement waterproofing. It helps you keep moisture out and keep the foundation away from any imminent danger. 

The common signs of foundation problems are simple observations that lead you to draw on some important conclusions. If you can detect foundation problems early, you can save considerably on foundation repairs. 

How Do I Know If My Foundation Needs Repair?

The answer to the question, “how do I know if my foundation needs repair” lies in your skills to observe. If you can observe the foundation of your home or the building in question with an astute eye, you can easily answer whether the foundation needs repair or not. 

Here are some of the common signs of foundation problems that will let you know you require foundation repairs to be made:

Cracks in the Exterior Wall

The most common and easily observable signs that depict a potential foundation problem are exterior cracks on the wall. The brickwork on the outside may have some cracks or protruding out pieces. 

Crack on the Interior Wall

While exterior wall cracks may pose a picture of alarm, the interior cracks on a wall that is zig-zag in shape may also pose the same question. If there are any observable cracks between the wall and the ceiling, it may also indicate foundation problems. 

Uneven Floors

Uneven floors are another common sign that your foundation may require repairs. If the floor's slope or gradient exceeds by two inches per 15 ft, then there is a reason to worry. 

Door or Window Frames Away from Brick Wall

This is another and also an obvious sign that your foundation needs to be looked for any damages. If the foundation is uneven or needs repairs, the door or window frames will have a separation from the brick wall. The separation of the frames suggests an uneven foundation that requires repairs. 

Rotten Wood

The beams and piers of common house construction are made of wooden materials. Various reasons including excess humidity can cause the wood to go rotten. The rotten wood may be an indication of wider foundation problems. 

Cracks in Tiles

The tiles or the flooring are intrinsically linked with the foundation of a building. Hence, it is quite easy to deduce that if the tiles show cracks appearing in them, it may signal a wider problem. Hence, an abundance of cracked tiles is a common sign depicting foundation problems. 

Expansion Joints Fail

Perhaps a more technical observation than the rest, expansion joints are given in a foundation to cater for any shrinkage or expansion of foundation materials. However, sometimes due to excessive expansion the joints fail to protect the foundation from cracking up. You can check on expansion joints separation to get an idea of possible foundation problems. 

Drywall and the Popping of Nails

A few nails that pop out of the drywall are no major concern. However, if this occurs more frequently than normal, you may require a contractor to check for any foundation problems. 

Wall Pulls Away from House

Perhaps the most easily visible of the signs that your foundation may have problems is when your wall moves away from your house. It occurs mainly due to a defective foundation and thus a contractor must be contacted immediately. Otherwise, the wall could collapse and cause major damage to your house. 

What Is The Main Cause of Foundation Problems?

Water is the primary cause of foundation problems all over the world. Foundations tend to shrink or expand depending upon the moisture content in the soil beneath the foundation. Too loose soil and it would fail to support the foundation, too dry and the soil will begin shrinking causing cracks to appear. 

Water is one of nature’s elements that are vital to the functioning of our ecosystem. Its natural balance is hugely important to the natural landscape and man-made architecture. Excess water in the soil may be due to a faulty drainage system. Leaks in the pipes can cause severe damage to the foundation. 

Droughts or dry soil is rare but it can occur in dry climates. The only remedy here is to sprinkle the soil with water periodically so that the soil has enough moisture to stay intact. 

What Is The Best Foundation Repair Method?

The best foundation repair method depends on the extent of a foundation problem. Some foundation problems call for simple foundation repairs or waterproofing of the foundation. Some are caused by faulty drainage which can be resolved by fixing it promptly. 

However, there are some serious foundation problems including settling of soil or shrinkage that may need extensive foundation repairs. These may include foundation crack repair, foundation stabilization, and foundation parging. Foundation stabilizing is basically stabilizing the soil underneath via grouting, compacting, or any other method. 

Installing new piers and slabs is a more expensive but reliable method. The only thing you should be careful of is hiring a reliable foundation repair contractor. For quality foundation repairs, call Dry Tech Waterproofing Solutions if you happen to be in the following areas:

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