A Complete Guide to Basement Waterproofing

Wet basements can lead to serious damages from structural damages to toxic mold. Choosing the right waterproofing solution is essential to keep water away from seeping into the basement walls.

A wet basement becomes a nightmare for homeowners and understanding the right basement waterproofing methods can save your property. Once the waterproofing problem begins, it escalates very quickly. A tiny trickle or a small puddle could be an alarming sign. People usually ignore small indications, which leads them to pay additional expenses and time-consuming repairs. Moisture in your basement requires basement waterproofing. You should be aware of the right basement waterproofing methods to choose the best one for your home. If left untreated, water in your basement can lead to serious problems from toxic mold to structural damage to your property. Basement drying is essential for your home’s health; and yours. 

What Is Basement Waterproofing & Why Do You Need It?

Water in your basement not only damages your home structure but depicts an image of dirtiness too. Waterproofing for basements helps in preventing leakages. The water dripping from leaks can eventually damage the foundation of your home along with fixtures and furniture. Basement waterproofing methods help in identifying techniques that can prevent water from penetrating the walls and structure of your house. You may require installation of drain pumps and use of sealant materials if your basement is below the ground level. Basements are prone to dampness and moisture. Fixing the leaks should be your top priority as water intrusion is destructive. Waterproofing for the basement fixes basement defects and resolves all water leakage problems.

What Is A Dry Basement And What Can it Lead To?

Homeowners think dry basements are impossible. During the rainy and snowy season, many homes get plagued with flooded basements. Basement waterproofing methods provide us a chance to completely dry the basement. The loose soil around the foundation of your house captures water that seeps into the basement through porous concrete walls. A basement drying system can be installed to prevent damages caused by backed-up and overflown sewer drains. You can get a dry basement if you have a properly working drainage system and sump pumps. The following things can happen in badly waterproofed basements:

  • Blistering and stained walls
  • Mold and mildew odor
  • Condensation on walls and floor
  • Humid and damp air
  • Damaged floor and carpets
  • Water on floor
  • Water dripping from walls
  • Rotting joists, columns, and headers

Top Basement Waterproofing Methods

Improper soil, poorly installed gutters, improper drainage systems, hydrostatic pressure, cracks in the basement and condensation are the major issues that lead to water problems in basements. You can choose the best technique of many basement waterproofing methods to prevent moisture.


Basement waterproofing methods will help in keeping the water away from your basement. If your drainage system is flawed, installation of a waterproofing membrane or usage of a waterproofing agent won’t be effective in keeping the water out of the basement. The effectiveness of exterior waterproofing will decrease over time if water pools around the foundation and basement walls. The best basement waterproofing method in this situation is a yard drainage system. It begins with grading, placement of downspouts, installation of dry wells, catch basins, and french drains. These components help in keeping water away from the walls. When the exterior walls are dry, the waterproofing membrane will give long-lasting protection from water.


These are the basement waterproofing methods that block water from making its way inside. External waterproofing might be the best choice if your house is still under construction. You can evacuate the soil around your home structure and get waterproof membranes coated on your basement walls. Among other waterproofing material for a basement, polymers work the best as it lasts the lifetime of your home. Choosing external waterproofing will prevent you from water-based structural damage and serious leaks. The process is time taking and expensive. External waterproofing for basements is more of a precautionary measure. You should consider it in the building stages of the house as digging up a completed house can cause other problems. 


Do you want to know how to waterproof a basement from the inside? Take these steps and keep water out of your basement. It is a reactive approach often used after the identification of an existing problem. Among all basement waterproofing methods, interior waterproofing is the main solution. Sealants are applied to any area where moisture builds up or where water seeps in through a crack. It helps in lowering the moisture level in your basement. Interior waterproofing for basements also protects from water that comes from melting snow in winters. Silicate sealer is a great option that provides high durability as it chemically reacts with the wall to create a waterproof barrier. You can use waterproof paint for painted walls. 

Get in Touch with Dry Tech Waterproofing Solutions

Each home is different, and basement waterproofing methods depend on many factors. The best option is prevention rather than repair. Taking precautionary steps before water leaks are prominent is the best solution to keep your basement dry. Water leaks cause a lot of problems involving costly repairs while it damages your belongings. Waiting to solve the basement waterproofing problem can lead to much higher bills in the future. Basement waterproofing methods vary greatly which is why you should consult a professional team to choose the best option.

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