Crawl Space Insulation: How It Is Done and What Materials You Need

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Many people assume that basement waterproofing is not something you need if you only have a crawl space. Yes, a crawl space is different from a full-sized basement, but you still need to perform crawl space insulation. It is even more crucial if this space at the foundation of your home is not ventilated. 

Although you can tackle this as a DIY project, insulating the crawl space is work that takes a lot of time, requires precision, and specific materials. In this article, we will explain how to properly insulate a crawl space and why your house needs this. 

Why Should You Consider Insulating Crawl Space?

The foundation of your home containing the crawl space is separated from the rest of the house by the ground floor. So, why bother with crawl space insulation? The reality is that water and spores can seep from the crawl space into the ground floor and then spread to the rest of the house. A flooded or humid crawl space is the perfect breeding ground for mold, fungi, and mildew. They can escape this space and get into every room of your home, including the nursery and your bedroom. 

Proper crawl space insulation is very important for preventing mold from spreading into your home

Discover the Most Popular Types of Crawl Space Insulation

What type of insulation for crawl space fits you best? Here are the main options you should know about:

Spray Foam

This is the simplest way to perform crawl space insulation, but not on your own. Spray foam insulation must be performed by an experienced contractor. The spray is applied evenly on all the surfaces and joints of the crawl space, including the ceiling (the other side of the ground floor). However, this floor insulation crawl space method is not the best if you are an ecologically minded person. The spray contains aerosols that damage the ozone layer.

EPS Foam Boards

Insulating the crawl space with EPS foam board can be a DIY project because these boards can be installed directly on concrete surfaces. You will need a professional adhesive or strapping and tap con screws.

XPS Foam Boards

This method of insulating the crawl space is efficient but not environmentally friendly. The XPS foam boards are known for emissions of greenhouse gas.

Mineral Wool Boards

The mineral wool boards are not the best way to insulate a crawl space on their own. This material does not act as a vapor barrier. Thus, you will have to install a special membrane on the concrete first, and then add the crawl space insulation materials.

Helpful Crawl Space Insulation Tips

If you are still determined to DIY crawl space insulation and found the best type of insulating material of choice, it is time to get started. Here is what you have to do:

Clear the Crawl Space

Take out every single item from the space below your house. Crawl space insulation is performed directly on the concrete surface and must cover every single square inch. 

Install a Sump Pump

Insulation for crawl space under house requires installing a sump pump. This pump will evacuate all excess water during heavy rains, preventing the flooding of the crawl space.

Get Rid of Moisture

Before you consider how to insulate a crawl space, make sure that the respective place is perfectly dry. Make sure that all the pipes and ductwork running through the crawl space are not leaking. After you fix any potential problems, install the waterproofing membrane.

Isolate Vapor Barrier

Creating a vapor barrier is simpler than you think. It involves applying overlapping sheets of 6 mm plastic over the entire surface of the crawl space floor.

Perform Crawl Space Insulation

By now, you should know how to insulate a crawl space ceiling and any other part of this space. Make sure that, whichever material you choose, you apply the crawl space insulation over the entire surface, without leaving gaps.

If you are looking for the best way to insulate a crawl space, hire a team of an expert contractors

Hire Specialists in the Best Types of Crawl Space Insulation

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