Here’s How To Get Rid Of Musty Smell In Basement In 4 Simple Steps

The best way to address the smell is to identify the root cause and solve the problem. Dry-Tech Waterproofing Solutions can help you get rid of musty smell in your basement.

A musty smell from the basement is merely the symptom pointing towards a much deeper rooted problem that necessitates basement waterproofing. If you were searching “how to get rid of musty smell in your basement" on Google, your search ends here, because Dry Tech Waterproofing Solutions can help you with all sorts of moisture-induced problems, as well as removing musty smell in your basement.

The first step in solving the issue is to understand the causes of the problem in advance, and we’ll start with that:

Musty Smell In Basement? What Are The Possible Causes

Before we go on and explore how to get rid of basement smell, exploring the underlying causes is necessary. Remember, the odor is merely a symptom. To remove it, you must address the actual problem, i.e., get rid of the real issue, and the musty smell will go away.

Here are some of the most common causes of musty smell in basement:

  • Water coming in from basement windows
  • Water coming in exterior entrances of basements
  • Moisture coming in from windows of an upper floor
  • Moisture coming in from doors of an upper floor
  • Leakage in the plumbing from the upper floor
  • Moisture seeping in from the kitchen from the upper floor

Moisture buildup on walls leading to mildew smell in basement

The underlying issue is moisture invasion which invites mold and mildew, leading to an odor in the basement. To get rid of the musty smell in the basement, you'll have to avoid moisture buildup and eliminate mildew or mold.

Mold And Mildew Invasion

As stated earlier, basement smell results from moisture buildup leading to mildew or mold invasion. The simple solution to this musty smell in the basement would thus be to eliminate both the moisture buildup and the fungal invasion.

Other Sources of Musty Smell In Basement

Apart from mildew infestation, there aren’t many other reasons for the musty smell in the basement. However, if you don't detect any mold but still feel a stale, musty, or rotten smell, perhaps it's due to something else in your basement. Perhaps a rat crawled up in an inaccessible space and died, but you'd probably be able to tell the difference in the odor.

Or maybe the air itself might be laden with odor due to poor ventilation.

In any case, if you’re unable to find the source, stop searching “how to remove musty smell from basement" on Google, and instead call us over for a thorough inspection.

How To Get Rid Of Basement Smell: 4 Easy Steps

The best musty basements solutions involve thorough inspections followed by strategic action to eliminate the underlying causes of the problem. Identifying the cause is step one for anyone seeking to remove musty smell from the basement. We have listed the steps underneath:


1) Make Basement Dry

Since moisture in the house leads to musty-smelling basements, the first step would be to find the source of moisture buildup and then start drying the basement. Remove excess moisture – this is step one. 


2) Clean Or Replace Materials

Next, to get rid of the mildew smell in basement, make sure that all of your belongings in the basement are completely dry and clean (or replace them if they are beyond fixing).


3) Check And Repair Pipes

Now you need to figure out “why does my basement smell musty?”

Check for the fault – whether it is a leaky pipe, foundation damage, or a window/door, cut off the water inlet to avoid the problem from recurring. Musty smell removal is only possible when the source of moisture is addressed.


4) Remove Odor

Lastly, once you’ve tackled the musty basement smell causes, you should start with fungal extermination and assorted repairs to fix your foul-smelling basement. After eliminating the mold and mildew, make sure that there is no other inlet of moisture.

Wet walls are among the prime musty basement smell causes

A team of professionals will always move from problem to solution; this way, once the issue is resolved, there won’t be any chances of recurrence.

Save Your Time: Get rid of the Musty Smell in Basement Local Experts

This comprehensive guide stated the best way to get rid of the musty smell in the basement. Our professional team at Dry-Tech Waterproofing Solutions has years of combined experience dealing with moisture-related troubles in basements and elsewhere. This also includes mold and mildew problems leading to a musty smell in the basement.

We are always ready to serve and once we’re done, you won’t be bothered by the same issue again.

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