Mold In Basement: How To Deal With The Problem?

Dry Tech Waterproofing Solutions can help you with a myriad of residential building problems like mold in basement.

Mold is one of the most troubling issues for any homeowner both with regards to the safety of the inhabitants and the general livability of the residential space, necessitating immediate basement waterproofing. Delays are not acceptable when you have mold in the basement; your basement will not merely smell bad, but will also invite health issues due to black mold in basement.

This article will explain the problem and share solutions to the issue at hand:

Common Types Of Mold In Basement

Mold removal in basements is the main issue at hand but understanding the enemy is vital for fighting it. Your efforts to clean the basement must be preceded by developing an understanding of the types of mold that can infest your basement walls:

  • Cladosporium: This is a slow-growing mold that exhibits brown, gray, or black colors.
  • Penicillium: This mold gives a white or green shade and is best known for its medicinal worth.
  • Aspergillus: This invasive fungus can cause infections in the lungs and another disease called aspergillosis.
  • Alternaria: This is another infectious mold that shows olive, brown, or black colored growths. 
  • Stachybotrys chartarum: This is the most common culprit and is dubbed as the toxic black mold due to its growth's shade.

Thus to clean or remove the fungal infestation, you must first identify the core culprit (or your contractor will); after this, your efforts for treating mold in basement will become much more fruitful.

A mold-infested basement wall; what does basement mold look like?

How To Test For Mold In Basement?

Experts can identify the mold species with minimal problems. However, if you're planning on cleaning mold in basement yourself, you’ll have to handle the species identification. If you’re noticing moldy growth on the walls, which would most likely be moist, you’d want to take the next step and see ”how to test for mold in basement?”

For this, you can use one of the many mold testing kits which can give instant results, very accurately too, and then you can work to get rid of fungal infestation.

How Does Mold Removal In Basements Work?

Now comes the part where we discuss mold or mildew removal, i.e., how to clean black mold in basement? If you’ve been Googling “how to check for mold in basement and remove it," this is the part where we answer the main question.

Handling mold infestation does not work a single way; it all depends on how much the infestation has spread. Mold removal is one of the biggest maintenance challenges for any homeowner because of the safety issues posed by the infestation (danger for the person handling the removal), plus, most people fail to handle the underlying issues.

So, here's how it is done:

Find And Stop The Source

Your first concern should be to understand what does basement mold look like, and then you need to investigate the main issue. This is usually moisture seeping into the walls due to a leaky pipe, problems with a window, foundational damage, and so on.

So, before you can treat the fungal attack, you must address the real problems.

Remove Moldy Material If Possible

Once you’ve highlighted all signs of mold in basement, identified the base cause, and handled that core issue. Next, you'll have to face the mold itself. Wear personal safety/protective equipment to safeguard yourself during the process, and then remove the moldy mass as much as you can.

Clean Up The Rest

After identifying what causes mold in basements and handling those issues and removing the moldy material from your basement, you can use a chemical treatment to sterilize the rest of the stuff.

To begin, you'll have to check for mold in basement (other than the main growth), and you don't feel like you're up to the challenge, you can always call our professional crew for problem resolution.

Walls requiring mold removal in basements

Give Us a Call And We'll Remove Mold From Your Basement

This article highlighted issues like "how to find mold in basement" and "how to treat basement mold." Fungal infestation of all types will continue growing unless the problem is nipped in the bud. Dry-Tech Waterproofing Solutions is more than capable of handling the issues associated with moisture and fungal infestation.

Not only are we completely prepared for handling mold and mildew in your basement on short-term notice but will also prevent such problems from resurfacing by addressing the underlying problems. We serve the following areas:

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