Is Your Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Really Doing the Job?

Homeowners can take advanced measures to protect their homes from damage caused by moisture. While many choose to focus on the roof above them, they may fail to address the concerns below. Crawl spaces are susceptible to problems caused by water vapors that rise from the ground and get trapped in the enclosed space. To address this, homeowners can install a crawl space vapor barrier to stop ground moisture from affecting their homes. That vapor barrier must be installed correctly to work properly.

The professionals at Dry Tech Waterproofing Solutions specialize in providing crawl space repair and crawl space encapsulation, along with advanced basement waterproofing solutions, in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware tri-state area. Here, we explain how to determine whether or not your crawl space vapor barrier is effectively stopping moisture from affecting your home.

Vapor barrier lining floor of crawl space
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