My Basement is Waterproofed, but How Long Will That Last?

Worker spraying waterproofing sealant onto basement wall

As a homeowner, you may be under the impression that your standard homeowner’s insurance policy covers damages caused by flooding. Unfortunately, that is likely not the case. Homeowners who wish to have their homes insured in the event of flooding must purchase a separate flood insurance policy. However, this is not the only way homeowners can protect their homes from such events.

Basement waterproofing is one of the best ways to reduce damage caused by flooding and other water-related incidents. While basement waterproofing is highly efficient, it does not last forever. To help keep their homes protected, homeowners need to understand what basement waterproofing is and how long it remains effective. Dry Tech Waterproofing Solutions provides basement waterproofing services to the Pennsylvania Tri-State area, including New Jersey and Delaware. Here, we explain what homeowners can expect when they have their basement treated and how long it should remain safe once it has been professionally waterproofed.

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