Foundation Crack Repair Services Begin with a Timely Diagnosis

DryTech is one of the best-reputed foundation crack repair companies providing timely, professional diagnoses and comprehensive, lifetime-guaranteed solutions for both interiors and exteriors.

Have you noticed cracks in your home’s foundation and are wondering how serious they are and if you should contact one of the foundation crack repair companies in your area? Before you contract any foundation repair works, you should get a diagnosis to find out just how serious those cracks are. 

At DryTech Waterproofing Solutions, we provide the diagnosis for free as part of our preliminary consultation. Our experts will come to your home, assess the type and severity of the cracks, and identify the best foundation crack repair solutions. They will also explain the basics, allowing you to make informed decisions.

Foundation Crack Repair Crack Repair

Foundation Crack Repair Basics

Foundation cracks are common. Some are superficial and appear within the first year from construction, others signal more serious problems and can become dangerous. One way to assess severity before calling foundation crack repair experts is to monitor the evolution of the cracks. Increases in size should be considered a red flag. So should the following: 

  • Vertical and diagonal cracks wider than 1/8-inch or wider at the top than at the bottom
  • Horizontal cracks
  • Cracks changing direction
  • Walls bulging due to water pressure
  • Weak and sloping floors above the foundation
  • Foundation cracks that allow you to fit a dime in them
  • Water leaking through the cracks

Specialists will take these signs into consideration, along with other construction details, to determine what type of foundation crack repair works and materials are best in each case. At Dry Tech, we have solutions for all problems and situations, all at fair costs. 

How Much Does Foundation Crack Repair Cost?

The only way to get an accurate foundation crack repair cost estimate is to schedule a foundation inspection. This will enable the contractor to assess the number and severity of the cracks, the necessary materials, and the labor involved. 

For example, epoxy foundation crack repair services are best for diagonal and vertical wall cracks. For horizontal or very large cracks, structural or concrete foundation crack repair works may be necessary. 

Choose One of the Best Reputed Foundation Crack Repair Companies!

We serve in Southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. After years of repairing foundations in Norristown, Philadelphia, Pottstown, Eagleville, Drexel Hill, Downingtown, and King of Prussia, PA, we are experts in the field. You too can benefit from our expertise. Call 484-927-4326 or 1-888-537-9832 and find out why our clients refer to us as one of the best foundation crack repair companies!

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