Professional Dry Well Installation in PA, NJ, & DE

Install a dry well with Dry Tech Waterproofing Solutions. Dry wells and other drainage systems are valuable investments that help protect homes and businesses from seasonal or weather challenges. Proper water management guards against several issues that arise after heavy rainfall and when the snow melts each year.
Dry Tech Waterproofing Solutions is a leading drainage services contractor serving customers in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey. Our team specializes in dry well installations and other systems for residential and commercial properties. A dry well provides an option that can help you successfully manage runoff and avoid the risks associated with excess water accumulation.
Concrete dry well with exposed pipes

What Is a Dry Well?

A dry well is an engineered, underground reservoir used to collect and disperse water. This reservoir is supported by cementing and remains out of sight. This makes it ideal for property owners seeking discreet drainage solutions that won’t interfere with the aesthetic of their landscape. Benefits of a dry well include:
  • Easier water management
  • Decreased risk of flood-related issues
  • Increased property value
  • Healthier outdoor conditions
Saturated yard with standing water pooling in grass

Our Dry Well Installation Process

At Dry Tech Waterproofing Solutions, our team begins each project with a simple percolation test or “perc test.” Used to measure the rate of water absorption, this soil evaluation is essential to a properly designed dry well. The faster the water drains into a hole in the soil within a given amount of time, the better the location is for a dry well. This test also lets the professional see what type of soil is present, helping them decide which drainage solution would best serve the customer. For instance, properties with heavy clay soils that are less permeable may require additional water management options.


During a property evaluation, our technicians determine the precise location for dry well installation. This guarantees excess water will drain into it via gravitational flow. Additionally, our team takes extra care to expertly execute each project. This includes making sure the depth of the dry well doesn’t reach the water table and that the system is properly sized to suit areas at greater flood risk.


Additionally, Dry Tech Waterproofing Solutions performs dry well repair services for customers in need of maintenance. We also offer a lifetime warranty on all our drainage systems, so every customer can feel confident their investment will last.

Signs Your Property May Need a Dry Well

Water is integral for a healthy ecosystem – it cultivates healthy lawns, gardens, and wildlife. However, too much water can cause damage to the structures on the property and the landscape itself. Dry Tech Waterproofing Solutions specializes in several types of drainage systems and can help customers decide whether a dry well is the ideal choice. Areas where drainage may be ideal include the following:

Residential Property

Pooling is a primary sign that a dry well may be needed. For instance, rainwater flows into the gutters and out of the downspouts on your home, making it common for excess water to accumulate where your downspouts empty. Also, yards may pool in other locations. Water may rise at the base of a hill or in areas at slightly lower elevations than the surrounding yards.

Commercial Property

On commercial properties, similar areas may require a dry well. Also, new construction can affect water drainage. Rainwater may have permeated the soil effectively before your business was constructed, but newly paved parking lots, walking paths, and other concrete areas limit the spots where water can soak beneath the surface. These provide greater opportunities for pooling and other issues.

Many of the customers at Dry Tech Waterproofing Solutions seek better water management as a means to less erosion and a lowered risk of foundation damage. However, a dry well can also yield other

benefits. It can help prevent basement flooding during heavy rainfall and the spring thaw – and the subsequent risk of property losses and mold growth. It also helps you cultivate a healthier outdoor area for your family or clientele.

If you suspect your property has had water drainage issues in the past, our team can let you know if flooding has negatively impacted your home and other structures. We’ll provide additional services to repair the damage and help prevent future incidents.

Drainage pipe in trench partially covered with stones

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Dry Tech Waterproofing Solutions is proud to be a partner for homeowners and business owners throughout the Pennsylvania-New Jersey-Delaware tri-state region, and we have built a reputation for using the best technology and materials with all projects. Our service areas include the following locations:

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We accept several payment options and offer financing with 0% interest to help our valued customers make meaningful improvements to their properties. For more information about our dry well installation services and other drainage solutions, contact us today.



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