Basement Waterproofing

If your basement or crawlspace has ever leaked or flooded, then you should consider a professionally installed quality waterproofing system. Without the proper attention, water problems are sure to worsen.  Even occasional water leaks can give mold an environment to thrive in and impact the air quality of your home.  If you plan to finish your basement, having your basement waterproofed beforehand is a wise investment. Foregoing water management beforehand could lead to costly repair bills in the future. Our waterproofing systems can be customized to meet the needs of any home or basement, regardless of age or size.
Dry Tech Waterproofing offers superior solutions to just waterproofing sealers and hydraulic cements, which can quickly wear out. Our efficient and affordable basement drainage system solutions include:

Interior Waterproofing Systems

Interior pressure relief systems relieve hydrostatic pressure around your basement’s floor and walls. Installation involves opening the floor perimeter of the basement or crawlspace, excavating a trench, and installing pipe, gravel and MiraDRAIN at the footer. If you have a cinder block foundation, we drill weep holes into the block core to relieve pressure. This system also includes a pump housing container to collect water from the perimeter drain, to be directed away from your home via a pump and discharge line. 

Exterior  Waterproofing Systems

Exterior waterproofing requires excavating to the footer around the perimeter of the foundation. Walls are cleaned, scraped and sanitized. Cracks or voids are filled with epoxy and/or hydraulic cement and a CCW Carlisle membrane is applied to the foundation from top to bottom. We install a drain at the footer to direct the water to a telescoped crock and sump pump; the excavated area is backfilled and tamped to complete installation.

Sump Pumps

Sump pump installation requires removing a section of your basement floor and digging down approximately two and a half feet. We install a sump container surrounded with clean stone (which acts as a natural filter) and pour new concrete level with your existing floor. The pump is installed into the container with a solid PVC discharge pipe that exits through the foundation, to efficiently direct water away from your home

Every home is different based on a variety of factors, including size, age, location and water drainage challenges. Our team will review your best options according to performance and budget and advise you of the most effective solution to your wet basement problems.


Sources of Water in Basement Problems

Dry Tech Waterproofing specializes in solving basement water problems. Our team of local Philadelphia waterproofing contractors and service technicians will determine the source of your wet basement problem and design the perfect basement drainage system solution.

  • Exterior surface water and groundwater infiltration. 
    Exterior water from storms, rain, melting snow and pooling groundwater is a common cause of chronic wet basement problems. Basement wall leaks from exterior surface water may occur from the cove joint (where the floor meets the walls), basement corners, lower foundation wall blocks and cracks in pored concrete walls. Poor water drainage is the usual culprit.
  • High water table. 
    A high water table, or one that rises periodically, can cause recurring problems with a flooded basement, damp basement floor or basement floor cracks. Because the water table cannot be controlled, a combination of interior and exterior waterproofing systems is the most effective solution.

Your Local Waterproofing Contractor

Want to hear more about our reputation as the best waterproofing contractor in Philadelphia and surrounding areas? Ask around, chances are we’ve already helped some of your friends and neighbors fix their wet basement problems. We are a trusted provider of solutions for basement waterproofing in Philadelphia, basement waterproofing in Phoenixville, basement waterproofing in West Chester and more.

Don’t let your wet basement problem get out of control, service from Dry Tech Waterproofing Solutions is fast and affordable.

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